The name of your post

Hi Mia. I’m showing you how you could have multiple images.

The first thing you probably want to do is make a folder called Posts” to put your posts in.

Then put your images in the folder, but prepended by an underscore. Prepending files with an underscore tells blot to hide the files from your main blog.

Jesse in Japan

Centered text, in case you want a caption

You then use Markdown format to put the images in the post. You can read more about Markdown formatting here. Also note the metadata at the top of the post. It’s how I selected the main image.

You should also read Blot’s guide about metadata. It helps you override some of Blot’s defaults.

You’ll also probably want to make an About page. An about page is just like a post, except you put it in a folder called Pages. You should read blot’s guide about this.

Adam and Brock

Finally, you’ll probably need a text editor to write these posts in. If you download this as a .txt file, you can use TextEdit (built into your Mac) to edit the post.

I also like iA writer to write Markdown, but it costs $30. There’s a 30 day trial however, so you could try it to work on your site at least.

Posted on 3/2/2019