My name is luke miles and I’m based in San Francisco.

I’m interested in web3, automated publishing, and immutable data as art. I am passionate about finding meaning in publicly available cultural data and protocols.

To explore this full-time, Adam Ludwin and I started the company Context. We build protocols and interfaces to explore and interact with the vast world of web3 — particularly its cultural side. Our goal with Context is to make compelling products that make web3 more vibrant and meaningful for the people who use them, and to execute on our goals alongside a small team of smart and thoughtful people. We raised $19,500,000 from investors to give this our best shot. If this sounds interesting to you, we’re hiring.

In addition to Context, I’m the contract architect and a collaborator with David Rudnick on his Tomb Series. Tomb Series is a few different things, a physical book called Tomb Index, 177 digital artworks inspired by MiniDiscs, a series of decentralized mechanics that span mediums, and a community of people recovering” the media from the discs. I’m captivated by Tomb Series because it explores themes of beauty and permenance in ways that feel timeless and urgently relevant to web3.

creative smart contract, 2022
mint my screenshots as NFTs

Tomb Series smart contracts, 2022
smart contract architect

@ch_ylukem twitter bot, 2018
real-time diary of what i spend money on bitmap trove, 2018
a multi-year archive of my screenshots