Incorporating electrolyte supplements into my diet has improved my quality of life.

A couple of months ago, I moved to a place that’s noticeably dryer than where I used to live. My first reaction was to buy a humidifier, which definitely helped me feel less dry. This worked, but I still felt thirsty all the time; especially in the morning. I was now feeling dehydrated a lot more often than before, which led to feelings of sluggishness and the occasional headache. Even when making a conscious effort to drink lots of water, these feelings remained.

I did some research and bought some electrolyte tablets1 that dissolve in water into a low-sugar electrolyte beverage (basically just healthier Gatorade). I usually have one before going to bed and one when I wake up.

This generally works; I feel hydrated most of the time. In addition to feeling dried out” less frequently, I feel a lot better physically. I never really paid attention to my constant state of dehydration before I knew what it was like to feel hydrated all of the time.

  1. I enjoy this brand’s product, but I don’t feel particularly loyal to them which is why I’m not really shouting them out by name. I’m curious to branch out and see if I like anything better. Maybe I’ll have a follow up post ranking different hydration supplements :-)↩︎

July 5, 2020