Tracks: August 2020

Music to stay inside to

Staying inside for long periods of time has given me more opportunities to listen to music. I feel lucky as well because a lot of my favorite artists seem to be releasing music right now. If you can afford it, I recommend purchasing music you like to support artists, especially since touring is off the table right now.

Shinichi Atobe — Yes

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I’ve been enjoying Shinichi Atobe’s new album Yes. I’ve linked the project’s namesake track, Yes” above.

Talking about music genres is hard for me, but I guess this album is more house” inspired, whereas his previous releases were more techno”?? I don’t know what any of this stuff means. But if house music” means music that is fun to dance to in your kitchen”, then I’ll take it :)

Yes” is the standout song for me on the project, but there’s amazing and fun moments throughout. Other highlights are Lake 3” and Ocean 1”.

Jessy Lanza — All The Time

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I’ve managed to include another song that is the album’s namesake. All The Time” on Jessy Lanza’s record All The Time is a really lovely and dreamy song. As I said earlier, I hate talking about genres, and I’m not going to try to put this music into some particular box of a genre.

This song makes me happy because it’s dreamy, ethereal, vibrant, warm, and lovely. I feel romantic feelings when I listen to this song, even if I’m just rolling around in bed by myself. Some songs can feel like a blanket.

If you like this song, definitely check out the rest of the album. It’s poppy and fun to play while bouncing around in your chair.

ari solus — east bay prince

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Ari Solus is one of my favorite musicians. For years I’ve been following his music, which doesn’t really sound like anything else. Ari sings, raps and weaves together beautiful tapestries of sound. He also makes great music videos. I was excited to hear about this new project of his which was released despite his laptop getting stolen (good news: there was a successful fundraiser).

I love Ari’s music because of its uncompromisingly raw expression. I don’t know Ari, but I feel a piece of him in the music — I see a person who feels massively, has a goofy sense of humor, and loves about their friends. This could all just be projection or unwarranted speculation, but I feel these things from Ari’s work nonetheless.

emma’s friends is a fun listen with sonic influences all over the place. It’s worth checking out if you enjoyed this track.

That’s all of the music I have to share right now. If you enjoyed any of these songs or have thoughts about what I wrote, I’d love to hear from you.

August 9, 2020